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If you really want to look at things from a statistical standpoint, pretty much all of the seperation between Trout and Cabera in WAR comes from Trout's substantion lead in dWAR, a stat I have always been skeptical about. I'm sorry, I'm not the biggest fan of defensive metrics. If you look at dWAR, it will tell you that Gordon Beckham is a below average 2B, which my own two eyes will tell you is absolutely insane. Going by oWAR, it's much closer, with Trout holding a slight edge at 8-7.2 which, yes, I believe is a gap that can be closed by winning the 1st Triple Crown in 45 years. If you want to believe that Mike Trout should be the AL MVP regardless, that's fine, it's a respectable opinion, but if you can't see any way that Cabrera deserves the award, ESPECIALLY with a Triple Crown on his resume, I'm sorry, but you're out of you're ****ing mind. Talk about missing the forest for the trees.

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