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Originally Posted by SephClone89 View Post
Because Trout is a superior baseball player.

Look, Cabrera is the best hitter in baseball. He's a joy to watch at the plate.

But when you consider that Trout plays stellar defense at the premium position in the game, is an incredible baserunner, and has also compiled very impressive counting stats in one fewer month than Cabrera...come on.

RBI? Why are we including this? Trout and Cabrera have a similar "conversion rate" for RBI--the difference is Cabrera comes up with men on more often than Trout does. It isn't a fair stat to use in comparisons.
Premium position is SS. Triple Crown, trumps anything Trout has done this year period. To say someone doesn't deserve the MVP for doing something that hasn't been accomplished in almost half a century is ludicrous. Baseball is the lone sport defined by it's statistics, and if a player is a top all the hitter stats he's going to win MVP. PERIOD.

I'm not going to take anything away from Trout's season, he's got the ROY gift wrapped, a silver slugger award awaiting him, and possibly a GG. He's had a fantastic year, no question. But....

Baseball has been around for 160 years and in that time, 15 players have accomplished it, the Triple Crown. To put it in perspective one for every 10 years. There have been 23 perfect games thrown. So something that doesn't happen very often in this game, is acknowledged and is rewarded. That reward being the MVP.

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