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I know the conventional wisdom on Cabrera is that he's horrid at defense, but really after watching him a full year at 3rd, I'm not sure that I agree.

Absolutely his range is not great. But he does have a strong, accurate arm. And his much better with the glove than I think 99% of Tigers fans thought he was going to be.

Here's a whole list of defensive video of Cabby. Granted, some are more routine than others, but just wanted to show that there are plenty of good plays by the big man.

There are plenty more videos on MLB if you want to look for them too.

Now, don't get me wrong here... Trout is still a better defender. There is absolutely no question there. I'm just saying that Cabrera isn't the defensive liability that conventional wisdom says he is. I would say he's probably average... maybe slightly above average defensively.

Range: poor
Glove: average+
Arm: good
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