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Originally Posted by Nellie_Fox View Post
I really think the Sox would have been better off if there was no such thing as September callups. There's no reason to be running 8, 9 pitchers out there every night, especially pitchers who weren't good enough to be on the 25 man roster before September. The old saying was that if you go to the bullpen often enough, you're going to find the guy who just doesn't have it that day. If you make a change, and the guy you bring in is getting people out, why make another change just for "matchups?"
I agree. I think some lesser players have been overexposed here in September, especially pitchers.

I've made several posts about the Sox doing things out of character this month. Our manager is guilty of putting guys in unfamiliar situations. Asking Youkilis to bunt against Detroit is one example. Starting Santiago in last night's game is another. Pitchers who spent the majority of the season in Charlotte have been asked to get critical outs. I wouldn't go to that well too often.

From my perspective, Ventura has managed differently in September than he did from April-August. His methods the first five months of the season were working. The expanded roster has caused him to change some strategies, and that has worked against the Sox more often than not.
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