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The Sox look like their toast. They've really fallen off a cliff after being in the drivers seat a week ago.

Lip, I think the Sox collapse and your interview today about attendance issues are well timed. I think this end-of-season collapse is Exhibit A of why the stadium isn't packed to the rafters every night. No, people didn't know the Sox were going to choke away their lead this year, but there is a history of it that has killed fan interest. 2009 and 2010 both saw seasons where the Sox were in 1st place at some point in the 2nd half only to have them totally fall apart later in the season. Last year was just a total "ALL IN!" bust of a team that quit on the season from the manager down. Just being good enough to win between 80 and 85 games year in and year out isn't going to cut it for this franchise in this market.

Maybe, someday, the Sox will use some approach to building a consistent pennant contender other than the "contend on the fly" approach of the KW-era. There are some things KW does very well (like finding scrap heap players). But, this organization lacks depth and it really shows over the long haul of the season.

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