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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
Yeah, what pisses me most off about this is that the Tigers have been generally ****ty for the entire season. Really, it's not even like they're playing exceptionally good baseball now. They got swept in a doubleheader by the Twins 4 days ago. THE TWINS. The worst team in the American League. And we can't hold them off.

It'd be one thing if the Tigers got red hot and just passed us, as a lot of people sort of expected for most of the summer. There's not much you can do when another team just clicks into 5th gear. Sometimes, **** happens. But they're pissing away the division to a team that's going to win a max of what? 86 games this year? That's what so disheartening about this. Detroit's been begging the Sox to take the Central all summer and they never did.

Our playoff odds have dropped over 50% since Monday's win. What a ****ing week.

That's why I referred to this as a "choke." Detroit isn't winning the division so much as the Sox are losing it.

But really, what does it matter what people call it? Slump, choke, collapse, whatever, the moral of the story is the Sox let a three-game lead slip away in a week and now they're in deep ****.
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