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My gut told me that they would turn this thing around when they came home .. i just wish that my gut would keep it's big mouth shut! .. I have been expecting us and the tigers to change places in 1st for the last 2 months, but it didn't happen .. now we seem to be in a bad spot here, so let's see .. we have to play a 4 spot with the hottest team in baseball right now, while the tigers are playing the royals (who seem to be showing their true colors) and the twins (one of the worst teams in the AL) .. there's optimism and then there's facing ****ing reality, and reality is indeed rearing it's ugly head at me .. i've gone from looking forward to watching to dreading it .. during last nights game it occurred to me, are these guys just out of gas, have they truly just given up, or were they, in reality, never all that good to begin with, but i just never saw it .. anyway, i think that they will all just be relieved when the season is finally over ..
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