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Originally Posted by GABP View Post
How is this not a colossal choke job? After beating the Tigers, all they had to do is go .500 and they would be fine. They're 1-7 since then.
There are a lot of good takes on this thread, and most have to do with the law of averages. I whole heartedly agree.

You have a team that at the beginning of the year was deemed a troubled one with a rookie manager (on ANY level). The entire bullpen is learning on the job.

The team needed big production from Rios and Dunn to even have a chance at competence. Well, we got that production, and 82 wins so far says "competence".

When you have this much youth, inconsistency is expected. This team has been very streaky. Now, Detroit is built to win NOW, and they are coming on at the right time. If the Sox hold them off, Ventura deserves a trophy on his mantle.

If they don't, well, the youngsters played a good season and exceeded expectations, which bodes well for the future.

I for one did not expect to be discussing meaningful baseball with a week left.

Maybe the team rallies and gets hot. That would be awesome.
Expecting it? Not really.
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