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Originally Posted by amsteel View Post
Eh, there are some guys with talent: Jones, Veal, Reed (not as a closer) that will be cheap and I would have no problem seeing them next year.

The kids in the bullpen actually regressed way less than I thought. I figured after a while their scouting reports would get out and they'd be 'figured out'. That didn't seem so much the case.

However it's not soon enough the Humber and Liriano are put in a box and shipped to Kamchatka.
Liriano, Humber, Septimo, and Myers can go. It's been too many times where Myers gives up a rocket which looks even worse in a hitter's ballpark. Plus, he can't be used at all against teams like Detroit and especially KC. I'm assuming many want to see Thornton gone as well, though he was good for a few weeks. Crain can be good again if his health ever gets in check.
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