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Originally Posted by Chez View Post
I know it's fashionable for fans to now say that they saw this coming and that this team was never more than, at best, a tad above average blah , blah blah. But, this slide surprises me. The team has been resilient and played smart, good baseball all year long -- until September.

If I had to vote on whether this was either a choke or running out of gas, I'd choose the latter (if it matters).

I'm hoping the team has one more 7 game spurt left in them. It would be really disappointing to end what had been a fun season on such a sour note. As between the Sox and Detroit, I'm not sure we are the better team. But the better team frequently doesn't win. Let's hang in there for one more week.
I think a lot of us expected it because of prior sox teams. This just seems to be a sox "thing" in September. The pessimists shouted it out loud, the in betweeners( me) stayed quiet and hoped for the best while having that constant pang o " it's happening again", and the optimists are still optimistic and will continue to be that way.

Unfortunately, there are a lot more pessimistic people on this board who have seen this story and know what to expect. So that " told you so" element always pops up too.

I don't know, entering September I hoped that I would see something different under Ventura. But I have not, it's actually exactly the same since I can remember. If this team can find a way to disappoint you, it will. The sox have an uncanny way of keeping you in it until the very last second, and then either dropping the hammer on you or giving you immeasurable joy. It's never easy with them, and the immeasurable joy is a rarity.

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