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Originally Posted by CoopaLoop View Post
First bold: Mood was like that on twitter, facebook etc. as well.

It continues to baffle me the use of September call ups in high pressure situations. If you go with Santiago tonight, your back up plan can't be Omio****ingrosso after pitching 2.1 innings last night.
The Omogrosso use last night was puzzling after throwing the night before. The Quintana use the other night was too coming just a couple days after starting. I'm not sure I understand a lot of the bullpen usage lately, but when the starters are consistently unable to go deep into games, it wears out the bullpen too.

For the most part, the bullpen has pitched a lot better than the rotation lately, not that it's really helped; the general trend lately seems to be that the starters pitch mediocre and don't make it much past 5 innings (if even that far), and then the bullpen keeps it just close enough for the Sox to not lose by a lot. It makes for really depressing baseball to watch.

Detroit's in a much different position. They have enough good deep performances by their starters (Verlander's 8 innings the other night, Sanchez' complete game, Fister's complete game last week, etc.) that when the shakier parts of their rotation struggle, like Porcello last night or Smily a few days ago, they can go through normal guys instead of a bunch of rookies, because the normal guys are rested. Plus it helps that they just got Albuquerque off the DL for the first time all year, and he hasn't given up a run yet in 11.2 innings.
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