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Originally Posted by Lip Man 1 View Post
This came up a few weeks ago and a poster (don't remember who) said you can't trust Cotts and linked to a more "reliable" site that said (if I remember correctly) that he is arbitration eligible.
Cots is an extremely reliable site (it's basically the most respected website in the business for this kind of stuff), it's just very technical and uses actual MLB CBA terminology, they expect users to have some sort of basic understanding of baseball contracts.

De Aza is signed to a 1-year-deal because he's still in his pre-arb years (you can tell that by the MLB service time he has accrued, which is listed on Cots). ALL PLAYERS PRE-ARB are signed to conditional 1-year-deals. But he's not an FA at the end of this season, his player rights are exclusively under the control of the White Sox under his pre-arb and abritration years. CBA 101 stuff, guys, come on.

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