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Originally Posted by Jollyroger2 View Post
This. Saw this coming for weeks with lackluster play against both the Tigers and crap teams like the Royals. But people here kept posting "first place in September" playing the fiddles while the city burned.

Can't even take a home series from the Indians. What a colossal choke-job...
I don't know that this would be considered a colossal choke job.
The Sox haven't really had a stranglehold on first. Did the lead ever exceed 5 games?
This team played above its prediction all year, helped by a very mediocre division.
This was never a world beater roster. It just played well enough to lead a bad division while Detroit found itself.
This thing isn't over, and the Sox may very well play good baseball and snatch this division. To say that they choked is false. They just stopped playing better than they actually were.
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