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Originally Posted by kittle42 View Post
I was at the game. The crowd pretty much knew it was over when the Indians first tied it at 3. people were there to get drunk - not rowdy and loud drunk, more like drowning sorrows drunk - and think about what could have been. The crowd wasn't loud because there wasn't a ton to be loud about, but I moved all around the lower deck and came across lots of people with good insights into everything that the team was doing wrong.

Oh, and where are all Detroit's September callup relievers? Coming in during high leverage situations? I missed them if they did.

First bold: Mood was like that on twitter, facebook etc. as well.

It continues to baffle me the use of September call ups in high pressure situations. If you go with Santiago tonight, your back up plan can't be Omio****ingrosso after pitching 2.1 innings last night.
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