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Just because they aren't very good doesn't mean this isn't a choke. They were in first for 130+ days and didn't show up in the latter half of September. Choke plain and simple.

The issue is this team pretty much maxed out it's potential this year. Unless some big free agent moves are made (they won't) we're looking at the exact same team next year.

If you consider what was expected out of each player:
Rios and AJ had a GREAT years
PK, Gordon, Viciedo, and ADA had average seasons (PK may be slightly above average)
Alexei was slightly below what was expected
Dunn had a great bounceback year, but was below average for what they signed him to do
Third base is just as much a black hole in September as it was in April

No one had a terrible season (ie: Dunn and Rios in 2011). This is team is exactly what they were built to be: the 8th best team in the AL.

Correction: it's not 130+ days, just 126. Totally changes the argument.

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