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After yesterday's game I really lost all interest in this game. I did not have any excitement, and just turned it on because I love the White Sox. I had little hope, I did not expect anything extraordinary, and the moment I saw the tigers coming back I knew where this game was headed.

The sox had their chance to make it a run after the walk off. Most teams would have used that as fuel to push through. We didn't, we solo homered our way to a loss yesterday and this loss was beckoning.

The rays are a great September team, and we are just the right team for them to vulture for the last 7 games while other teams battle it out for the wild card.

Like a prior poster said, the Tigers have gone 5-3 in the last 8 and we 1-7. A 4-4 record would have us floating in the clouds and with teams like the royals and Indians to play, we should have had that. We don't, and you really can't afford to play this poorly. We have to go 6-1 to win this thing. How we'll do that, I have no idea.

Greatest Arsenal goal I have ever witnessed. Chills to this day watching it.
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