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A couple of questions.
I thought our rotation was this: Sale, Peavy, Floyd, Liriano, Quintana. Is someone hurt? After all, this is crunch time, we are pitching sale 120 innings a start. We're now using a 6th starter in the deep stretch?

Viciedo has had 2 straight games in which he hit well. He's 3 for his last 6. He's 8 for his last 28 with 2 homers and 5 walks.
Wise is 0 for his last 16, and 7 for his last 35 with no homers and zero walks. it's the same story with Wise year after year: he's one of the worst hitters in baseball, and his rare hits come in bunches. The bunch has been over for 2 weeks.
Ventura benches Viciedo after a big game, Ozzie-style.
Seriously, is there some fog in the Sox Dugout and administrative office that makes people believe that Wise is a good hitter?

Can we please play our best players?
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