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Originally Posted by RKMeibalane View Post
Is this fair, though? Other award-winners have been found guilty of PED use, yet they've not been asked to vacate awards that they've won. Why should baseball single out Melky Cabrera?

Please note, I'm not condoning what he did, and am glad that he's not going to win the batting title, but I don't see why MLB would allow this and not punish other cheaters who benefited from PED use.
Cabrera's situation is unique. He is the only player to be suspended for a substance abuse violation midseason while leading the league in hitting. Jason Giambi won an MVP and much later admitted to steroid use. He certainly wasn't suspended during his MVP season. Ryan Braun was suspended immediately after his MVP season but successfully fought procedure. Most players who are considered cheaters, especially Barry Bonds, have situations far more ambiguous.

There really is nothing to compare to the Cabrera situation, who remains the All-Star Game MVP. He has the league's highest batting average among qualifiers but missed the last grinding stage of the season when averages often fall, and he missed it because he was found in-season to be using a banned performance-enhancing substance. Winning a league batting title is a huge deal. Of course there will be an asterisk next to the winner referring to Cabrera's situation, but I don't believe baseball wants to recognize someone suspended for cheating in-season with one of the triple-crown batting crowns for that season.
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