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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
Basically, I don't care about the homerism, I actually like that. Who would want bland objectivity from their hometown team's PBP guy?

It's just that Hawk sucks. He's a walking sound board and has an "Aw shucks" Southern drawl that I personally do not like. But I have no problem with him openly rooting for the Sox.
Personally, I don't mind Hawk rooting for the Sox when something good happens. But I can't stand his sulking and silence when things go bad. I don't always have my eyes glued to the set when a game is on, so it would be nice if Hawk would actually say something when there's a key play -- even if it's an opponent's home run or a Sox strike out.

I can see how his "angry shutdown mode" might appeal to most diehard fans, but I doubt it does a lot to attract casual fans, kids, and new viewers to the broadcasts.
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