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Originally Posted by TDog View Post
Test everyone after every game. If a player tests positive, the players' records don't count and his team forfeits.

You can't say records don't count for the individual if the team wins to which the player contributed count. You can't not count Barry Bonds' home runs and still give the Giants the 2002 NL title.

As for Cabrera, I dubt this was a classy move that sprung from his imagination. I am guessing baseball went to him and said that he would have a better chance of being employed by a baseball team in the future if he renounced his claim to a batting title that would only make baseball look bad.

I don't see Cabrera ever playing for the Giants again.
Is this fair, though? Other award-winners have been found guilty of PED use, yet they've not been asked to vacate awards that they've won. Why should baseball single out Melky Cabrera?

Please note, I'm not condoning what he did, and am glad that he's not going to win the batting title, but I don't see why MLB would allow this and not punish other cheaters who benefited from PED use.
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