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Originally Posted by amsteel View Post
Numbers don't lie. There will/should be as asterisk next to the name of whoever wins the 2012 NL batting title.

If MLB doesn't like juicers winning accolades they should figure out a way to stop them. Rules are rules and MLB is only setting a precedent with this.
Test everyone after every game. If a player tests positive, the players' records don't count and his team forfeits.

You can't say records don't count for the individual if the team wins to which the player contributed count. You can't not count Barry Bonds' home runs and still give the Giants the 2002 NL title.

As for Cabrera, I dubt this was a classy move that sprung from his imagination. I am guessing baseball went to him and said that he would have a better chance of being employed by a baseball team in the future if he renounced his claim to a batting title that would only make baseball look bad.

I don't see Cabrera ever playing for the Giants again.
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