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Originally Posted by hawkjt View Post
Hawk embraces the criticism....I like that. He is old enough to just tell them to go kiss his arse.

As the comments on this story show....their are other fanbases that wish their guys were as passionate for their teams.

As was pointed out, Hawk compliments opposing teams and players more than most broadcasters also. He just loves baseball,and good baseball players,no matter the uniform.

Sox fans will miss him when he is gone and we have an Albert-clone on the broadcast,who is neutral,and vanilla.....hey,gang,it is still supposed to be entertainment!
Don't we have that problem in our radio booth. I haven't listened to radio broadcasts since 2005 barring a couple of innings here and there and every time I am in the car I rush home to turn the tv on and the radio off. If that is what I have to be subjected to, I hope the sox hire another homer.

Greatest Arsenal goal I have ever witnessed. Chills to this day watching it.
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