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What scares me is Detroit is looking alright, they looked good today, excited. Most importantly they are playing to win. The Sox, we are playing to not lose, trying to not lose the division. Miguel Cabrera and Verlander seem willing to put the team on their back and make sure they win, no one is doing that for the Sox. No one is stepping up to carry this team.

I am not saying its over, but Konerko or Dunn or Rios, one of them has to step up and lead this team to the playoffs. The Sox need a leader, and right now they don't have one.

Honestly, I don't give a crap if the Sox were supposed to be a bad team. Yes they are playing well beyond their talent level, but at this point in the season, missing the playoffs is just a choke job, no matter what team you are on. A lot of teams are playing above their talent level right now, The 2005 Sox played above their level all the way to a title. Missing the playoffs because we couldn't beat the ****ing Royals, that is not acceptable for any ball club who thinks they are a winning franchise.
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