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Originally Posted by LoveYourSuit View Post
I said it last night, I rather lose 100 games and have the entire summer to myself than end up not getting into postseason.

Postseason / WS should be the only goal.

And for those who say pennant races are fun, they are when a team is actually playing good baseball as opposed to treading water playing .500 ball down the stretch.
WOW! Really? That's just sad. You don't get any enjoyment from all the wins and the hope and getting to closely follow a team and sport you love for months on end?

If it were easy it wouldn't be nearly as emotional nor as meaningful when it did happen. I don't WANT it to be easy to win the division and make the WS every year. Yeah, I'd like it to happen more often, but I hate giving up in June.

It's entertainment. The longer it lasts the more fun it is.

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