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The reason for hope is this: No more games with Detroit or Kansas City.

White Sox record since the All-Star break:
vs. Tigers: 2-8
vs. Royals:5-10
vs. Other: 27-12
Total: 34-30

You add another layer to that, and six of the 12 losses in the "Other" category are to just two clubs -- Boston and Baltimore.

It's really quite remarkable the Sox have a two-game lead in their division when they've spent a healthy chunk of the second half getting owned by two divisional opponents.

Really weird team, really weird season. Take a look at the splits here. You'll note the Sox have a .500 record (3-3) against the Oakland A's. Their winning percentage against every other team is either .600 and above, or .333 and below.

The Sox own several teams, and several teams own them. Just strange.
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