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Originally Posted by Lip Man 1 View Post

That 6-12 record against Detroit isn't helping matters. That's 12-24 against two teams in your own division.


Actually what happens now (i.e next two weeks) WILL impact next season. Another blown postseason spot will make it even more tougher to get the fan base, already angry, to buy tickets. That impacts the payroll Hahn (if he's named G.M.) will have to work with.

Plus if the Sox do make the postseason additional home games (which I assume will be sold out) will generate additional revenue that might be applied to next year's payroll. Making the playoffs this year if I remember right, guarantees the Sox at least two home games.

Then you have the additional benefit of some fans stepping up and getting season tickets for next year based on the results this year.

I get what you are trying to say but to just say there's no impact at all on next year is wrong.

This team is built to win this season. It's not built for long term success, whether we like it or not. Will a playoff apperance increase season ticket/advanced sales? Sure, we may get a small boast. But, a boast in revenue isn't magically going to fill all the long term questions/holes. With a differnet GM, maybe he will change some things. Even if it was, there is still not such thing as next year. As we have seen, things change year in and year out.
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