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Originally Posted by MUsoxfan View Post
Joe Buck is fine. He's the classic announcer. Sure he has his faults, but there could be more Berman's in the booth and nobody wants that.

Let's face it...It's really tough to be a PBP guy. As far as they go, Buck is among the best
Originally Posted by AZChiSoxFan View Post
I don't think it's asking too much for the guy to at least act like he's remotely interested in the game he's "broadcasting."
I agree. Buck might have a deep interest in the game and be a fine fellow, but his delivery suggests that sometimes he'd rather be somewhere else. It's a chicken-or-egg thing: did the Fox network hire him because of his presentation style or did he tailor his style at the direction of the producers at Fox?

Ever since Rupert Murdoch assembled it in the mid-1980s, the Fox network has strained to sell itself as the cool and edgy corner of the TV world. No gimmick, no flash is too over the top for them. Glowing hockey pucks! In-dugout interviews! Loud audio! Bright colors! Swooping graphics everywhere! To be cool one must act cool, and maybe they think that Buck's laconic style relates better to the hipster crowd the ad agencies want to reach.

All I know is that I get tired and mildly annoyed watching a ball game on a Fox affiliate. All the wow wears me out and the relentless yammering and sideshows are irksome. But that's of no matter to anyone there. The Las Vegas strip is too bright, too loud, and too superficial, but it brings in a whole lot of money, the same way the Fox baseball broadcasts do for MLB. The reason Fox stations are carrying MLB games has nothing to do with the quality of their broadcasts and everything to do with the size of the check they handed to Bud Selig's office.
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