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Originally Posted by voodoochile View Post
Well if KW was able to draft the equivelent of Derrick Rose recently, then maybe he would have better results too. Honestly, If the Sox hold on to win the division, they will have made the playoffs 3 times in 8 years. In baseball, that's successful.
I'm more than happy with KW, just don't see the need to say GarPax suck, especially since they've been incredibly successful lately. Getting handed an all star is one thing, successfully building around them another and GarPax did that. GarPax also hired Thibs and drafted Taj Gibson and Nikola Mirotic late and didn't draft Devin Harris and Spencer Hawes like certain posters wanted. They've gotten to a conference finals once, which is what KW and Hahn have essentially done. Just don't like Dome dragging his random and irrational GarPax hate into the thread especially since he once said this in 2010:
Originally Posted by Domeshot17 View Post
A title is a longshot, but I want to GET TO the ECF. If we do it next year ill be satisfied.
What did they do the next year? Make the ECF. The year after? A one seed that was undone by a random injury to their best player. According to Dome, they suck. Meanwhile, KW and Hahn get us into the playoffs once since 2005 and they apparently don't.
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