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Originally Posted by gf2020 View Post
16 teams have gotten to the league championship series since we last did. (And the Phillies had the best record in the baseball the last two consecutive years.) I'm not saying that Kenny and Rick had to accomplish any of that, although I don't think a championship series appearance every six years is a crazy expectation. I'm just find it hilarious that they don't suck and yet GarPax apparently do.

Obviously, there is no real comparison here but DomeShot17 went ahead and made one anyway so i thought it made sense to at least point out that GarPax don't suck, especially when compared to KW's recent results.
Well if KW was able to draft the equivelent of Derrick Rose recently, then maybe he would have better results too. Honestly, If the Sox hold on to win the division, they will have made the playoffs 3 times in 8 years. In baseball, that's successful.

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