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Originally Posted by Quentin08 View Post
Let's make it 11 with 13 to go!!

Just got an email this evening from offering 2 complimentary tickets in the lower level outfield seats to any remaining home game (excluding the final 2 home games) for completing the fan survey. Couldn't be happier right now!

What are the chances of Friday, the 28th, being a potential division clincher? If they're up 5 games at that point, it's a potential division clincher. I don't know if I should select the tickets now and get good seats or wait to see which game would be the best.
I got the same email and jumped right away and got Friday's game because of the chance of seeing the clincher and wanting to get good seats. I wouldnt wait. If they dont clinch that night, I will just buy tickets to any home game that they have a shot to clinch.