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Originally Posted by Lamp81 View Post
You can have Fox Sports Net as a national network and then have Fox Sports-City Name (like the old Fox Sports-Chicago).

I thought Comcast Sports Nets were going to be rebranded as NBC Sports-City name (NBC Sports-Chicago would be ours). I thought this was discussed either at the Comcast/NBC merger or the Versus/NBC Sports transition.
I don't quite remember the timeline, but I think the discussion of Comcast SportsNet being rebranded as, for example, NBC Sports Chicago was rumored or speculated while Dick Ebersol was in charge of NBC Sports. After he left, those rumors quickly died down, if memory serves correct.

I think having both a Fox Sports Network, and a cluster of separate Fox Sports regional channels (Fox Sports North, Fox Sports Detroit, etc.) is kind of confusing. I'm not sure I like that branding, which is why I suspect Comcast SportsNet has not changed over to NBC Sports Chicago (we have NBC Sports Network).
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