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Originally Posted by Frontman View Post
Who cares if they bring this story up? You know next October will be 2 or 3 WEEKS worth of Steve Bartman talk; being the 10th anniversary and all.
No,that's in 2013.This is only the 9th Anniversary.The only reason I know this is beacuse I was 5 outs away from losing a bet with my sCrUB loving brother in law.Had the "Loveable Losers" made the WS, I had to parade the streets of Waukegan wearing a sCrUBS uni and cap,singing "Hey Hey,Holy Mackerel".Glad I did not have to demean myself.A Sox fan rooting for the "Dark Side" ?? Not me!!
White Sox Baseball - Turning teetotalers into alcoholics since 1901.
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