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Originally Posted by C-Dawg View Post
In 2005, didn't the Cubune start running the Magic Number back around like 70 or something? It was SO premature I was certain it was going to jinx us.
I was thousands of miles from Chicago in 2005, but I remember the Tribune running Cubs magic numbers in August when the Cubs were running away with the division, such was the excitement of the summer that was supposed to erase the memories of decades of frustration but ultimately would define it. There was a graphic of a mystic sitting over a crystal ball.

The morning after the season ended, the WCFL DJ I listened to while getting ready for school (I was 12) said after reporting the Cubs season-ending win over the Mets to pull to within 8 with 0 to play, "For you Cubs fans, the magic number for 1970 is 162."

Your magic number, when you have a lead of just one game really doesn't mean much. It's the sort of thing that should be reserved for mid-September or later when you have some breathing room in the standings.