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Originally Posted by downstairs View Post
Jerry Manuel, sure. But Ozzie won us a friggin' World Series. And is the only manager to take us to two post seasons in our 112 year history.
I believe he means a manager who can alienate a fanbase like nobody's business. I think Ozzie's mouth is far worse than Bobby V's.

Sad thing is that until the Red Sox dump some of their prima donna headaches, no matter who they get in there is going to have trouble. Valentine has lost the club, no doubt about it; but the players didn't want to accept change to begin with. Whiny little brats like Dustin Pedroria need to shut up, accept who is the boss, and play to the level he's being paid versus taking on the manager who "doesn't understand how we do things here."

Dude, the way you do things in that clubhouse is how Terry Francona got fired.
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