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Originally Posted by TDog View Post
The funny thing is, if the Red Sox really did this rebuilding thing right, they would have a brighter future, and it wouldn't seem so distant. Coming into the season, they traded their best prospect for an overhyped pitcher who has done nothing this year and really shouldn't have been expected to.

The funny thing is, the prospect is the one who has a pretty good chance of making it to the postseason.

As an FYI, look at this USA Today story, and for laughs, check out why the overhyped pitcher is looking forward to his move to Boston.

Actually, Reddick was the 4th highest prospect in the Red Sox system entering 2011. But he had a good year in Boston last season. Red Sox had to go out and get a closer, so they went and traded for 2, Bailey and Melancon. Reddick was targeted as their 4th outfielder on paper. Not sure if Bailey is over-hyped, he has been on DL most of the year. But I think this shows how important the emergence of Reed and Jones was. It probably saved the White Sox from trading for a closer which is always an adventure.
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