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Originally Posted by SoxandtheCityTee View Post
One idiot commenter doubles down by asserting that you do not swing at a 3-0 pitch with a five-run lead at ANY time. Everyone who's ever been in a major league clubhouse knows this -- so he says. Is there any length a Flubs fan won't go to? Why not just give yourself a break, admit that it's a nightmare season, watch if you can enjoy it (including making fun of the awful players you're stuck with for now, a fan's prerogative), don't watch if you can't. Wow.
No, Cubs fans know no length when it comes to justifying their team's awful tradition. They will twist logic, show their complete lack of knowledge and pray that the White Sox don't make the playoffs. THen if their team finally ever gets to the World Series, they will say how great it is because it took so long. Of course, by that time most will be in nursing homes wetting all over themselves, but that's another story.
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