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Originally Posted by Soxman219 View Post
Embarrassing move by the Nats organization. He might not get another chance to play in the postseason. Strasburg can easily rupture his elbow again next year, why not just rest him until the playoffs? The goal of every organization is to win a championship; you need your best men on the job. The Nats are asking to get swept in the divisional series.
The Nats have said since before spring training, no matter what the team's record was at the time, they were going to keep him to roughly 160 IP. Bottom line is they are taking the medical advice they were given and doing what they think best for their long term investment.

I've said many times the other four pitchers are pretty good. SS's ERA is only third best in his own rotation. The team has somehow managed to go 67-44 in the games where SS didn't start. I'm in the DC area so I see them alot, but it amazes me how little people know about the Nationals. The concept still seems to be that they are SS and a bunch of stiffs.

If they do lose in the playoffs, or crash and burn and not make the playoffs, then life goes in. They still have a very good young team coming back next season and they have plenty of $$ to spend if they choose to.
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