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Originally Posted by DSpivack View Post
Of course that's not the case. But I don't know of many (or any) playoff teams in baseball history that willingly and voluntarily benched their otherwise healthy ace both down the stretch and in the playoffs.

I don't see how this helps the team with the current best record in baseball win a World Series title.
If Strasburg had sustained an injury or had been suspended for the rest of the season, fans would be mourning his loss, and the media would be discussing how much this would hurt the team. Strangely enough, the two Bay Area teams that lost important components to contending teams are actually better teams, or at least more successfu teams, without the players the league suspended.

What bothers me is the idea that great pitchers are better off not pitching. It isn't that Strasburg is unhealthy. There is the idea that he could be if he continues to pitch, although his original injury had nothing to do with overwork and there is no concern about overwork affecting others who have to pick up more of the load. Fortunately for the Giants, Buster Posey, coming off of his serios injury, only has to worry about catching and the occasional day off at first base.

Actually, I would like to see the Tigers shut down Justin Verlander. He has pitched so much over the past two years, and every time he goes out there, his chances of injury increase (just ask Brandon McCarthy). But, really, this entire concept of Strasburg being too special a pitcher to pitch has me really hating the Nationals.

It would be tragically comedic, more tragic in a dramatic sense, where choices made by (or for) the tragic figure lead to his demise, if Strasburg came back next year and developed arm trouble in May, or even if Gonzalez came up with an injury. The Nationals are acting as if winning this year doesn't matter. Some would label them a garbage team, though, considering how long it's been since they have been to the postseason.

The Nationals used to be a feel good story.
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