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Originally Posted by Jollyroger2 View Post
Well, Strasburg could have a bad night in the playoffs just as easily as any of their other pitchers. In two of his last five starts he got clobbered.

Of course I think most Nats fans or followers want him to pitch in the postseason. But say the worst happens and he does blow his arm out and he's done permanently? Then that's a scenario nobody wants to risk.

Will this decision kill them in the postseason? Maybe/maybe not. He's one guy, and it's not like he's carrying the team on his shoulders. They're 32 games over .500 for a lot of reasons, he's just one of them.

Where it might hurt them the most is say if they play the Reds or someone like them in the playoffs. A team with outstanding pitching and an average to decent offense, just like Washington. I can see a lot of 2-1 type games there.
If you and other national fans can live with it, that is all that matters I guess.
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