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Originally Posted by DSpivack View Post
Heh, and who knows better than White Sox fans that sometimes your shot is just that one season?
Or, as Leon Durham said with a shrug after losing three straight games to lose the best of five 1984 NLCS, we'll win it next year. And the theme for the 2004 Cubs was "armed and ready."

For the Nationals, this is shaping up to be a season that slips away, perhaps never to come back. Maybe they won't totally lose it at the end like the 6.5-up-with-12-to-go 1964 Phillies, but it would be justice for them to at least lose it in the postseason. Then when they never get back, you could have a Strasburg curse.

If this were a good plan, although one based on fuzzy science, Strasburg wouldn't have started his season until June. What good is having a great pitcher if you don't use him?
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