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As someone pointed out, Telander quit on WSCR mid-shift to quote "go home and spend more quality time with his family."

Keep in mind, in the middle of talking Bears football with Doug Buffone and J Hood that this guy was busy making phone calls to the Boston Red Sox to get Jed Hoyer on the line in 2004. When he landed the interview; he said,

"Johnathan, Doug; I just got off the phone with the Red Sox and Jed Hoyer will be on to talk about Boston winning the World Series. After listening to him, you'll understand why NEITHER TEAM IN THIS CITY WILL WIN A WORLD SERIES FOR YEARS TO COME."

Now, I SO freakin' desperately wanted to get on the air with him in October of 2005 just to ask him, "How'd that comment work out for you, Rick?" Sadly, he quit that summer. (The stress of the White Sox doing so good must of gotten to him.)

I remember J Hood even saying to him right after that comment, "Rick, do you even pay attention to what we're talking about? We're talking about the Bears, and you bring in the Red Sox assistant GM?"

Telander is a guy who rides his past success and wears it like a crown. Who cares that you were the Bears beat reporter when they won in 1985?
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