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Watched the game like it was a heavyweight fight until the 7th when Young cleared the bases with the triple, at which point I then just fastforwarded through to the end. I knew that was the game winner.

I'm annoyed at AJ and Peavy. It's excruciating to watch these guys try to work with each other. I love both of them as Sox players, but they act like tools to each other to the point where it's uncomfortable. Peavy's shaking AJ signs off all night. AJ's flinging the ball back to Peavy with attitude every time there's a 2-0 count. Peavy can't see AJ's signs, so AJ's being a dick and pulling his fingers up really high in an animated way. They can't hook up on anything. AJ's making faces into the dugout, Peavy's barking at him. It's miracle AJ made it into the 7th. Hopefully Flowers is back and can work Peavy's remaining regular season games, because the AJ/Peavy battery is brutal. Peavy seems like he has a mental roadblock when AJ's behind the plate.
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