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The Tigers get clutch hit more than the Sox do, it's a fact. One that will play a big role down the stretch.

The Tigers fielding independent pitching is much better than the Sox (3.71 vs 4.27,,d).
Detroit's D can fumble the ball all they want, but without the Sox getting the unearned runs across the plate, it doesn't really matter.

Finally after 3 years Peavy takes the mound in an important game for the Sox and proceeds to take a bulldog sized **** on it. 6ER, 9H, 4K, 4BB. You're welcome for all the money Jake, I won't shed any tears for you when you leave.

We all knew Sale and Quintana would hit a wall, is Peavy hitting a wall too? He hasn't pitched this many innings since 2007, and 2007 Peavy is certainly not 2012 Peavy.

All in all, this is a terrible time for the rotation to fall apart and the offense to lose all their magic. Can someone send Robin a link to It seems pretty obvious that leaving Thornton in against Young was destined to fail.

If the Sox can't win 3 god damn games in Detroit all year, I have no problem with them not winning the ALC.

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