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Originally Posted by Foulke You View Post
I will go to sleep tonight counting the double digit stranded runners. Fister had nothing and we couldn't put him away. I also was scratching my head when Robin left Peavy in to face Cabrera in the 7th. I sensed the knockout blow was coming after that. Also, Thornton was 94 mph and straight as arrow tonight.
And every other night. MLB keeps telling me 4-seamer, 2-seamer, while I can't tell the difference. All arrow straight and centered.

The key play of the game for me was Youk's shot right to Cabrera with the sacks jammed. If that was to his right, 3 runs score. No thx to Dunn and PK for making it easy after that.

No help coming from Isaac for Sat/Sun.

At least attendance in the game thread was up.
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