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Originally Posted by Golden Sox View Post
For years Rick Telander was one of the writers who said Ron "The Scab/Pizza Man" Santo should be on the HOF. After many years of trying to brainwash everybody that the "Scab" should be in the HOF it finally happened this year. He at least waited until Santo retired before he started on how he should be in the HOF. As far as Castro goes the last time I looked he was hitting 270. Hardly HOF numbers. Also he's at best an average shortstop. He can't carry Alexi Rameriz jockstrap defensively. Telander is just another Cubs fan. I remember he dumped all over the White Sox for signing Albert Belle, citing Belles character issues. But of course he said nothing about the Cubs signing Milton Bradley. The Score hired Telander as one of their afternoon hosts a few years ago. I thought he was dull. When his show tanked in the ratings the Score pulled him from the airwaves. I was surprised when the Score hired him. I thought if anything Telander would hook up with David Kaplan on WGN radio.
Score didn't pull him. He quit on the air, in the middle of the show with Hood and Buffone. I guess he realized how much he sucked and didn't see the need to continue any further.
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