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Originally Posted by TDog View Post
I don't mind ESPN being part of the deal, occasionally showing baseball, although I don't believe baseball should be played on Sunday nights.
I read this post before looking at the username, but after reading this sentiment I just knew it had to be you.

Originally Posted by mrfourni View Post
ESPN can show the Yankees and Red Sox on Sunday night every week for all that I care. I don't usually watch Sunday Night Baseball (Sunday nights are by far the best TV night of the week for me), and I much prefer watching the Sox on Sunday afternoons. I know out of market fans probably disagree, but I just don't understand the appeal of national broadcasts for the White Sox.
Eh? I don't care about whether the Sox are on national TV, though I certainly welcome a Hawk-free night on occasion. But I'm a fan of baseball, and I usually tune in to Sunday Night Baseball for at least part of the game each week, though I've been busy with my new job lately.

But then, I don't watch much TV regularly during baseball season, save Mad Men this year which did interfere with Sunday Night Baseball.

I have no problem with them keeping this deal. I like how much baseball they show on a weekly basis. Get rid of the third man in the booth on Sunday nights--Shulman and Hershiser are a good team.

ESPN is generally fine at covering live sporting events. While they certainly give disproportional coverage to the Yanks and Sawx and that can be annoying, I have no problem with how they cover a game. I think people have trouble compartmentalizing the SportsCenter-Industrial Complex and when they actually air sports. I always enjoy watching baseball, soccer or tennis on ESPN.
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