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Originally Posted by LITTLE NELL View Post
If the Sox are smart they should grab that Peoria franchise and start building a fan base downstate where its either Cub or Cardinal country.
I have never really thought about it much but does anyone want to venture a theory why there are so few Sox fans south of Kankakee?
Many years of WGN, probably.
My time in Champaign was incredibly annoying in this respect. During school, the campus consisted of approximately 40% Sox fans, 45% Cubs fans, and 15% Cardinal fans because of all the students from Chicago, but I walked into a Dick's Sporting Goods off campus once and saw Cubs and Cardinals gear only. I asked why no Sox stuff, and they told me "we only carry gear from local teams". I then pointed out that Sox Park was geographically the closest MLB park to Champaign, and the guy just kind of shrugged.
Incidentally, I also grew to dislike Cardinals fans while there because despite being well outnumbered on campus, they would constantly whine about Sox games being on TV in bars instead of Cardinals games.
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