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Originally Posted by kobo View Post
I know I'm nitpicking here, but DeAza was on the team last year and we knew he was going to be starting this year. He's had a great season and is definitely a surprise. Reed was also going to be on the team this year as well. The 2 guys who have been surprising are Nate Jones and Quintana. But those are pitchers. There is nothing when it comes to position players. Escobar might have been useful, but he's a maybe at best. They have no position players ready to come up and take a spot on the bench or fill in for someone if there's an injury, and that's pretty sad.
There should be a constant stream of both position and pitchers ready yearly, to at the bare minimum, come up and fill a bench slot adequately. Pitchers were able to fulfill that task this year, position players have not been able to do this.
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