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Lip that 2000 team was a tinker toy team. It did as well as it reasonably could have. And the reality is it didn't hit in the playoffs and to blame pitching when 4 runs doesn't win a game is well living in dreamland...sure 4 runs can and does win many games in MLB - so does 2 runs. But it's not enough. And honestly, but for the grace of the silly Brewers giving us Eldred and Valentin for nothing (actually, they took a negative player off of our hands), we wouldn't have contended. Still, it had 4 quality hitters (Frank, PK, Lee, Durham, Ordonez) and we patched up enough pitching (and the pen was pretty good) to take the division. Can you imagine if we had traded MB?

Unless you have a farm replete with prospects, it's a mistake to empty out what few prospects you have to patch up holes with veterans. That's a far cry from constantly selling all your vets FOR prospects - something we shouldn't do either (and don't do).
But we have to play next year and the next. And these vets are going to be rolling off contracts and we'll need some fillers.
Williams has done a good job with the pitching this year, finding us a bunch of 5th starter types (or at least guys who pitch like them). Axe has generally pitched better than Humber since the perfect game.
But what we really need, as everyone knows, is Danks back.
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