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Originally Posted by Lip Man 1 View Post

If Floyd goes on the DL (and that now appears likely) he'll miss more than one start because the Sox will certainly send him to Triple A for some work.

This is a strange situation to me especially based on Floyd's quotes today to Gonzo that he didn't think he could go (paraphrasing) 'because he was worried it was going to get worse.' This coming after the MRI showed no structural damage according to Robin.

I wonder what Kenny thought after reading / hearing those comments.

Well if DL'ing him for three weeks (with rehab) clears his mind and enables him to pitch well down the stretch then it's best to do so rather than try to force him to pitch when he's obviously not comfortable with the idea.

But all things considered Kenny has got to make moves and get help, he can't afford to make the mistake Scheuler did in 2000 when the staff was breaking down and he went out and got Baines and Charles Johnson at the deadline.

The Sox paid for that error in judgment in September, in the playoffs and then in 2001 because of all the surgeries.

I see what you're saying, but I'm not sure what indicates the 30-day DL is necessary (since you're saying 3 weeks, that's more than the 15-day). Would think they'd start with 15-day and just extend it if needed.
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